Retired Emergency Man’s Association



Volume VI, Issue 1                                                                                  January 2003

    I am told that Change is a good thing and that Change is inevitable. The good old days are a thing of the past. Time marches on. Etc, Etc……Yes, there must be a thousand other clichés all with the same message. Well, I can gladly say, "Bah, Humbug" to all of that crap. Some things never change and never will. I point out a simple fact - Once an E-Man, Always an E-man. It’s as simple as that. At the December 17, 2002 meeting there were 139 members who took the time to join together in a spirit of friendship and sharing that very few, if any, similar groups display. No one wasted time carrying on petty gripes or feuds. There was no jealousy or backbiting exhibited. No one faction was pitted against another. Not one member felt out of place whether he had retired forty years ago or is still active in the division today. There were no ranks or titles to keep us separate. We are REMA members and, as such, are equal.

    Life is too short to waste on negativism. We were told that our purpose as E-Men was to help others, especially cops. Our tradition was summed up in the saying "When the public is in trouble, they call the police. When a cop is in trouble, he calls Emergency Service." That spirit didn’t die when we left the job. It wasn’t handed in along with our shields when we retired. We displayed what we can do following the terrible cowardly attack on September 11, 2001. We are still a valuable and viable force and derive good feelings in knowing that fact. REMA will keep us united and strong and in touch with our past.

Let us all make a belated New Year resolution to focus on the positive things in our lives and enjoy each day that we are given to its fullest. We will be there for each other without a doubt. That is what being a REMA member is all about.


    Bob Swanson has retired from the USCG and is back in Syosset where he is a Fire Commissioner. Welcome back, Bob.…… Early Christmas presents came for PO Vinny Manco, ESS 10, and his wife, Daniela when they were blessed with two, yes two, healthy sons on Monday, December 16, 2002. Vincent Frank weighed in at 4 lb 4 oz and his younger brother, Anthony John, tipped the scales at 4 lb 7 oz.  I guess they hung up a matching pair of Christmas stockings this year…….Santa took over for the stork on Christmas Eve with the delivery of Madison Taylor Gates. This is Bob Gates’ 5th Grandchild. Congratulations to parents and grandparents…Also grandparents for the 5th time are Mr. & Mrs. Ray Bordonaro……. Belated congratulations to Det Romano "Augi" Amleto, ESS 2, and his wife on the birth of daughter, Gabriella. She was born 07/26/02 and weighed 8 lb. Sorry for the delay……. George Sica tells me his 12th grandchild, Valentina Sara, was born to his son, Dr and Mrs. Robert Sica, on 11/18/02. George and his wife will once again say Aloha to us and head for his Maui retreat in January. Maybe I should hand-deliver his copy of the newsletter…... John Foster and Bill Cotter have left for their Florida retreats and I’m sure will not miss the NY winter weather. Maybe a side trip for a Florida delivery. Hmmm……. Richie Reichman’s wife, Pat, tells me this will be the 26th winter they are spending in Florida. The twosome celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary on 10/27/02. And they said it wouldn’t last…….Joe Kusk reminded me at the last meeting that I didn’t mention the marriage of PO Karl Duenzl, ESS 6 to PO Patti Hall, ESS 3. They were wed on 11/01/02. The best to both of them. Joe tells me that they are both active. I wonder what he meant?…….Pete Mandleur and wife, Anita, will be celebrating their 41st Wedding Anniversary on February 03, 2003. Which one is that, Silver? Paper? JP-4?…….Danny Kaye (ESU-EMS) celebrated two milestones. He retired 20 years ago on 12/31/82 and has been at North Shore University Surgical Intensive Care Unit for ten years as of January 03rd. Nice going, Dan…….Matt Byrne and wife, Ann, will celebrate their 44th wedding anniversary on January 31, 2003. Kudos to you both…….The Mike Latimer clan is getting bigger by the minute. He tells me that grandchildren Justin, born 10/18/02, and Siobhan, born 10/29/02, are both doing fine. Mike and his wife are awaiting their eight grandchild due in January 2003. God bless them all..…..Joe and Marie Allard will help their grandchildren, Samantha and Justin, celebrate their first birthday on 02/10/03. Do they get two cakes with one candle or one cake with two candles? I wonder…….Pat Colreavy came back up to NY from his new home in Melbourne, Fl and tells me he doesn’t miss the cold weather and all it has to offer. I wonder if he still has some tea bags without strings left?…….Det John Riordan, ESS 8, is recuperating at home after surgery. He’ll do anything to get the holidays off…….

And now the sad news.

     Murray Shapiro (Ret Sgt ESS 2) passed away on 12/10/02 in Florida and a burial service was held on 12/13/02 in Queens, NY. Many REMA members joined Murray’s family in paying their last respects…….James P. Mannix (father of Delia Mannix, Ret Lt ESU) passed away on 12/24/02. He was a NYPD Retired Sergeant. He will be dearly missed ……Frank E. Gillis, (Ret Lt ESU) died in Florida on 11/30/02. He retired in 1969…….Patrick Murphy, Retired NYPD First Deputy PC, died on 01/04/03. His son is Sergeant Patrick Murphy, ESS 5. Our sympathies go out to you, Pat…….


    All my field reporters report that there is nothing to report. Thus, no reports.


    The ESU/Bomb Squad Relief Fund has stopped taking donations as of December 15, 2002 and has sent out the final checks to the families of our brothers who made the ultimate sacrifice on September 11, 2001. Mike and Linda Stapleton were instrumental in creating and administering the fund. No one will ever know the great amount of work and time that they put into this worthwhile cause. I will be ever in awe of their efforts and self sacrifice in getting so much help to those families in their time of great need.

    I would like to thank all the REMA members for their kindness and generosity that they exhibited to the fund. I don't have any specific figures as to the amount, but I do know it was overwhelming. Once again, REMA answered the call for assistance with the true E-Spirit.


    I have been informed that there will be a street renamed for PO Walter (Wally) Weaver, ESS 3, who lost his life on 09/11/01 at the WTC. His father, Scotty Weaver, said they are renaming Gull Road in Hicksville, NY to " PO Walter Weaver Way". The ceremony will be on Sunday, February 02, 2003 at 12:30 PM. ESU roll call will most likely have some Emergency Service Vehicles there also. We said we would never forget our fallen brothers. Now let's back up our words. I hope many of you can attend and show that REMA remembers our own.

    Tony Mangiaracina (AtoZ) says if anyone is planning to attend the Washington DC Police Memorial festivities on May 15, 2003, plan NOW. Contact him at Tonzee@aol.com or 718 987-8256. This is his 18th year being involved in the memorial. Thanks, Tony, for all your work.


    Thanks to all those who sent in donations to help offset the overall expenses of this organization. I realized after I sent the last newsletter that some people felt I was complaining about the cost of sending it out and running REMA. Actually, the point I was trying to get across was that I don’t mind the cost (time or money) at all if only you would send in your response form. I sent out over 500 newsletters last time and received responses from only about 328 members. I don’t understand why the rest don’t ask to be removed from the list. It’s obvious they don’t want to receive it. So, I am trying again. If I don’t receive a response this time from those members, I will assume you don’t wish to be a REMA member and your name will be removed from the mailing list. Enough said, I hope.


FUTURE MEETINGS         ******Be advised of NEW HOURS for the luncheon.

Now 12:30PM to 3:30PM******

The next meeting for the year 2003 is: Thursday, February 13, 2003.

    All meetings will be held at Harper’s Restaurant located at 1270 Union Turnpike, New Hyde Park, N.Y. from 12:30 PM until 3:30 PM. I hope that knowing the schedule in advance will allow more of our members to attend. Please mark the date on your calendar. A separate newsletter notifying you of each meeting will be sent as well.

    The tentative date for the Third Annual REMA/ESU Show and Tell at Floyd Bennett Field will be Saturday, April 12, 2003, 1000hr to 1400hr. If you wish to volunteer to be on the event committee, let me know on the response form.